Hospital Chaplains

Every hospital and healthcare institution in the diocese has a designated chaplain appointed by the Bishop providing 24 hour pastoral cover.

Working closely with all who care for you while you are ill, the chaplain provides pastoral care and spiritual support to you and your loved ones during your hospital stay. This includes journeying with you, being a listening presence, praying with and for you as appropriate as well as celebrating the Eucharist and offering anointing with oil and the laying-on-of-hands as part of the healing ministry of Christ and his church.

The chaplains are available to you regardless of your religious or faith tradition or indeed if you profess no faith.

We aim to visit all Church of Ireland patients during their stay in hospital. If you or a loved one are in hospital please do feel free to let the chaplain know.

The chaplain, in conjunction with the chaplains of other faith traditions also provide pastoral care and support to fellow members of staff.

In Cork University Hospital there is a dedicated Church of Ireland Chapel -the Chapel of Christ the Healer which is always open for prayer.

If you wish to speak with the Church of Ireland Chaplain at any healthcare institution in the diocese please ask ward staff to contact her/him.
Please follow this link for a list of hospital chaplains in the diocese.