Please support our Fund for the Future

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In 2012 the Bishop appealed for the setting up of a Fund for the Future: our gift today for tomorrow’s Church.  He described it as ‘a counter-intuitive’ move in difficult financial times.  Taking the example of previous generations in the Church of Ireland, such as at the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1871 when significant funds were raised by voluntary subscription at a time of great hardship, the Bishop invites subscriptions during the coming 20 year period.

The funds built up, by fund-raising and generosity, will be used to create a Ministry Fund to assist with providing key ministries of care and mission, in the Diocese, in the future. As we have inherited much from our predecessors in the Diocese, so now we are invited to make our gift to the future.

For offers of

  • help to organise a fund-raising event for the Fund for the Future
  • donations
  • bequests

please make contact with the Diocesan Office