St. Luke’s Home & St Luke’s Home Education Centre

Over the last 130 years we have built a strong and well-respected reputation as a leading provider of residential care and support services to older people in the Cork region. Our ethos, nurtured by the Christian tradition of love and care, is to create a home-like environment where all residents feel safe, secure and supported.

St Luke’s Home provides care for the elderly, including dementia and Alzheimer sufferers.

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The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins (centre) on a visit to St Luke’s Home

St Luke’s Home Education Centre is an embodiment of the St. Luke’s Mission of continuing to provide high quality care to the Older Person in the city and beyond.

The maxim of “Enhancing our Caring by On Going Training” is emblematic of this commitment. Courses are geared towards the needs of those who provide care for the Older Person – be it within a Residential Care Centre, hospital or home setting. Training is provided by accredited facilitators who continue to hone their skills by being practitioners of care here within the Home.

In addition to providing training to meet the standards expected by HIQA and the other statutory bodies the Education Centre continues to enhance the breath of training it can provide e.g. the provision of Clinical Pastoral Education and other courses in pastoral ministry.

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St Luke’s Home Education Centre
Northridge House
Castle Road
T12 H970

Telephone: (021) 435 9444

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Chief Executive Officer:  David O’Brien

Director of Education:  Bruce Pierce