St Fin Barre’s Cathedral 150

The present Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral was consecrated by Bishop John Gregg on Saint Andrew’s day, 30th November 1870 ~ 150 years ago.


St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork at the time of its Consecration on 30th November 1870.

These resources have been put together by Bishop Paul Colton so that,

whoever you are and wherever you are in Cork, Ireland or the world,

you can join us in celebrating the story and place of

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork


The Book of Resources

Here is the book of resources written and compiled by Bishop Colton

The entire book may be viewed online or downloaded for printing



The book will be distributed in hard copy to all teachers and parishes in Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Limited numbers will also available free in hardcopy (packing and postage excepted) to others who are interested by emailing

The Bishop’s Secretary



For the Resources Page

including Google slides, individual pages to download,

photographs and links to other information