Hexagonal Round Tower – Unique!

The round tower at St Bartholomew’s Church in Kinneigh Union of Parishes is unique.


It is the only round tower that is constructed hexagonally for the lower six meters, then making a transition to the typical round form for the remainder of its height. It may be assumed that this tower once sported the traditional conical cap, but none presently exists. Photographs from the early 19th century show no cap, so this typical feature – if it ever existed – has been missing for a considerable time.

The entire tower is composed of local slate. There are two offsets above the rock outcropping on which the tower is built.

The top offset is approx. 5 cm wide and 10 cm high.

The lower offset is approx. 15 cm wide and averages approx. 40 cm high.

The door is about 4 meters above the ground facing northeast and is near the top and center of one of the hexagons at the first floor level.

The lintel of this doorway is massive.

Just above the doorway, the tower transitions from the hexagonal base to the round drum by means of clever and skilled mason work.

The tower is roofed and the bell has been removed.

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