Midleton College ~ Chaplaincy

Midleton College is a co-educational secondary school situated in the town of Midleton in east Cork. It dates back to 1696 and some of the school buildings date back to the early 1700s.  The Bishop is Chair of the Boards of Governors and Directors.  There are about 430 pupils, with  around 80 boarders.

The Chaplain

Among many roles the chaplain is to be a clear embodiment of the school’s ethos: an identifiable Christian presence marking the school’s values of being a broad space: where people feel that whatever background they come from, whatever they bring to the school, they will find it welcoming, approachable and a place of shelter and safety.

The chaplain assists in the development of the student to become a well rounded person: growing not just academically and physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The chaplain provides a confidential listening ear outside the staff and disciplinary system, is a person to stimulate reflective and critical thinking on the student’s journey as they grow up, and helps to build resilience.

The chaplain is also there for staff as a resource person, and again as a confidential listener to whatever worries and concerns they might have.

Being a teenager is sometimes a tricky path to walk, and the Chaplain is there for the entire school community in times of change, need and crisis.

Assembly happens every day in Midleton College: a chance for the entire community to gather together as the day begins. The Chaplain or an invited guest (particularly the local clergy) speaks weekly and hymns are sung.

Other events in the Christian calendar are marked with special events such as Christmas, Ash Wednesday and Easter.

A chapel for the school is currently in the planning stages.