Charting a Future with Confidence

Charting a Future with Confidence is a programme initiated by the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Charting a Future with Confidence was conceived in February 2014, presented to and adopted by the Diocesan Council, and reported by it to the Diocesan Synod in 2014.  The idea was welcomed and the report of the Diocesan Council was adopted.

Parishes and constituent groups elected and appointed their members to the Council of Charting A Future with Confidence in the summer and autumn of  2014.  At a residential meeting in Charleville, County Cork held on Friday, 21st and Saturday 22nd November 2014 the process was inaugurated, and working groups were established to address the principal tasks.  

The groups set about their appointed tasks between November 2014 and April 2016.  A prayer for use throughout the Diocese was written by the Dean of Cork and it, together with the Five Marks of Mission, was incorporated in a bookmark for distribution to parishioners throughout the Diocese. The Steering Group met from time to time, and a plenary meeting of the Council of Charting a Future with Confidence was held on 23rd April 2016.  In the light of that plenary meeting the working groups continued and finalised their works.

The Bishop, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton, formally launched the report of this stage of the process –  Moving on with Confidence – at a joint meeting of the Diocesan Council, the Council of Charting a Future with Confidence, and the clergy of the Diocese on Saturday, 25th November, 2017.

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You may read the full report here:  Moving on with Confidence

Lent Course 2019: Lent Course 2019 – Charting a Future with Confidence

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