More than at any other time, perhaps, you will need pastoral and practical support at the time of the death of a loved one.

If you are in this situation now, we extend our sympathy to you and assure you of our prayers for you.

The person to make contact with is the local rector closest to you.  The list of places is here.

Where it is your hope to have a Church of Ireland religious service at this time, practical arrangements for funerals, cremations or burials should not be finalised until you have made contact with the appropriate member of the clergy near you.

As our Lord Jesus Christ came close to the disciples and walked with them at the time of their sorrow and grief, our prayer is that he will walk with you now and give you strength, hope and faith.

God of all consolation,
whose Son Jesus Christ was moved to tears
at the grave of Lazarus his friend:
Look with compassion on us your children in our loss;
give to our troubled hearts the light of hope,
and strengthen in us the gift of faith,
in Jesus Christ our Lord.
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