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The school is under the patronage of the Bishop.

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Founded by John Anderson Esq at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the school became known as Fermoy Adair School on receipt of a generous endowment from the Reverend Dr William Adair. The school is located on a quiet residential road overlooking the town of Fermoy.

While the school serves the Protestant community from Fermoy Union of Parishes (Mitchelstown, Knockmourne, Glenville, Ballyhooly and Fermoy) the school also includes pupils from other religious persuasions and cultures. From a young age, children learn to respect diversity.

Parents describe our school as ‘a small school with a big heart where learning is fun and the teaching is second to none,’ that ‘it’s a friendly, homely school with a good teaching environment and a very good relationship between staff, pupils and parents’.

In the Whole School Evaluation 2013, which is published online, the inspector described the pupils as ‘active, motivated and self-directed in their learning.’ In the anonymous survey conducted by the inspector, every school family and every senior child expressed 100% satisfaction with the education in the school.

Mike Ross, Irish International Rugby player (and Leinster player) writes, ‘I think those of us who went to Adair often came away with a broader world view than we would have otherwise, making friends and having experiences that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.’


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