Lay Local Ministers (Liturgical)

Lay Local Ministers (Liturgical)

‘Worship is the work of the whole people of God whether lay or ordained.’

There are significant opportunities for lay involvement in the worship of the Church: reading, preparing and leading intercessions, serving at the Eucharist, as Ministers of the Eucharist, in ministry to children and young people, in music (singing and playing an instrument), in preparing, decorating and maintaining the church and in a host of other ways.

In addition, LLMs (Liturgy) – formerly known in the Diocese as Parish Readers (as opposed to Diocesan Readers) – are recognised leaders within their own parish communities.  They are given permission by the Bishop, following a short period of training, to lead Mattins and Evening Prayer or a Service of the Word, in parishes which have so many churches that it would not be possible otherwise to gather the people for worship in every church on every Sunday.  LLMs  are not permitted to preach.

The commissioned LLMs (Liturgy) in the Diocese at present are:

Susan Buckley Mallow Union
Ian Fleming Fermoy Union
Ruth Daunt Fermoy Union
Jennifer O’Flaherty Fermoy Union
Claire Daniels Fermoy Union
Jennifer Kingston Kilgariffe Union
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