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School Roll Number:  13648D

The school is under the patronage of the Bishop

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St. Luke’s is a Church of Ireland National School under the patronage of the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross and vested in the City of Cork Church School Board.

St. Luke’s, founded in 1889, is a medium sized school, and is the Parish school for St. Anne’s Church, Shandon.  It is also the  designated primary school for Glanmire Parish.   The Rector of St. Anne’s, Shandon is Chaplain to the School. St. Luke’s is a co-educational school.

School Vision Statement

We, at St. Luke’s School, acknowledge the potential of each individual child.  We strive to provide a child-centred education, providing for the academic and personal development of the child. Pupils are afforded the opportunity to explore a range of subjects, which suit their needs and abilities, in accordance with the Revised Primary Curriculum. We aspire to develop and nurture all aspects of your child’s personality, and thereby complement the work, which you, the parents, as primary educators endeavour to achieve. This vision is reflected in our policy of including all pupils in all class activities.

School Mission Statement

St. Luke’s – where education comes to life.

Our logo represents a symbiotic relationship between child and school. Every child’s individual active outreach for learning is nurtured.

St. Luke’s School celebrates the uniqueness and importance of every child. We value and encourage self-actualisation, developing a positive self-concept and self-esteem. We look to the holistic development of your child.


St Luke’s National School
O’Mahoney’s Avenue


Edward Pepper

(021) 450 3686

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