Schull – Holy Trinity (Organ)

The Organ in Holy Trinity Church Schull (information courtesy of Nieland and Creane Organ Builders)

This organ was built by Flight & Robson of London in 1816. It was originally built for the Cathedral previous to the present St. Finbarres Cathedral. It was sold to the newly built Holy Trinity Church in Schull, West Cork in the mid 1880’s. It was dismantled and moved by T.W. Magahy of Cork who enlarged the instrument with the addition of a Pedal Bourdon 16ft. Documents within the organ attest to the fact that is was transported to Schull on Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway. The Organ was completely restored by Paul Neiland of Wexford in 1995.

Schull Organ

The Specification of the organ is:

Open Diapason 8ft (unenclosed),
Lieblich Gedact 8ft,
Viol d’Amour 8ft,
Principal 4ft,
Flautina 2ft,
Mixture II (bass / treble)
Octave Coupler,
Pedal Bourdon 16ft,
Manual to Pedal Coupler.