The War Memorial ~ Heroes’ Column ~ St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork

The War Memorial ~ Heroes’ Column ~ St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork

If you are a descendant of one of those named on this memorial or if you are in possession of a photograph of one of them we would like to have a scanned copy of it please.

You may email it to this address click here

See list of names below the photograph:



Surname First Name Regiment
Acheson Percival Havelock Army Service Corps
Acton Robert
Acton James Walter Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Alcock Richard Evans Royal Garrison Artillery
Altchison Donald Thomas Royal Scots(Lothian Reg)
Amopp Robert AB royal naval Service
Anderson Arthur JO Royal Irish Regiment
Andrews William Royal Dublin Fussiliers
Andrews Horace Edgar Royal Irish Fusilliers
Anstis Robert Irish Guards
Argent William John Royal Navy
Atkins James Gillman Royal Munster Fusilliers
Axon Waltwer Henry Royal Navy
Baile Robert Carlyle Royal Engineers
Baile George Frederick Cecil Royal Engineers
Bailey Charles Fredrick L Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Baker Thomas Royal Garrison Artillery
Baker John Raphael New Zealand Rifle Brigade
Baldwin Osbourne George De Royal Munster Fusilliers
Barnes Edmond Lyndon Kings own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Barter Richard Wedd Irish Guards
Barton Charles Royal Navy
Bateman Charles Royal Irish Regiment
Beatty Charles St John Royal Munster Fusilliers
Beazley Christopher Irish Guards
Becher Henry Owen Dubridgecou Royal Scottish Rifles(Cameronians)
Becher William Stewart Royal Fusillers
Bennett France Evans Royal Munster Fusilliers
Bennett John William Royal Munster Fusilliers
Berry William Royal Munster Fusilliers
Biggs Colm Royal Canadian Scottish(Manitoba Reg)
Black George Irish Guards
Blacklock Peter Eldorado Royal Navy(Mercantile Marine)
Bogan Amos Fredrick Royal Navy
Bol;and Harold George South Lancashire Regiment
Boland Sidney Canadian Infantry(Quebec Reg)
Boland William Herbert kings Royal Rifles
Bolster George Emil Royal Horse andFieldArtillery
Bolster Frances Julian Royal Garrison Artillery
Bolster Richard Royal Field Artillery
Bolster George Christian Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Bond Henry Henley Royal Field Artillery
Bowen/Colthurst Robert Mac Gregor Royal Leinster Regiment
Bowler Edward St Kentigem Machine Gun Cors
Bowman William T Royal Munster Fussiliers
Boyd Samuel Canadian Infantry (Alberta Reg)
Broad Hubert Frederick Royal Leinster Regiment
Brown W.R.A Royal Navy
Burchill George C Irish Guards
Burgess Thomas A 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec R)
Burns William Henry Royal Irish Rifles
Burns Robert Henry Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Burrowes Guy W Royal Munster Fusilliers
Butler William Royal Lienster Regiment
Butterfield Cecil Lorenzo Royal Leinster Regiment
Buttimer William Irish Guards
Buttimer Clarence James Canadian Infantry (Central ontario Reg)
Campbell John royal Dublin fusilliers
Campbell Charles Wilson Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Carette Ernest Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Carr William henry Royal Navy
Carton Fredrick John Canadian Infantry (Quebec Reg)
Caulfield Toby St George Royal Flying Corps
Chadwick Rovert C Royal fusilliers
Charles John James Percival Royal Army Medical Corps
Clegg Alfred Mc IIWaine Royal irish Rifles
Colburn John Canadian Infantry(Alberta Reg)
Collis William Henry Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
Connal Arthur William Campell Royal Field Artillery
Connal Alexander Campell Royal Garrison Artillery
Connell Thomas Irish Guards
Cooper William V Irish Guards
Corrigan Alfred Household Calvary and Cal of the line
Couche Clair Patrick Australian Infantry AIF
Coughlan Julius Edward Middlesex.Reg
Cowan Williams Royal Scots (Lothian Reg)
Cramer George L’estrange Royal Munster Fusilliers
Creber William JH Essex Rgt
Crosbie William Royal Engineers
Cullen Gerald Somerville Yeates Royal  Irish Fusilliers
Cuming Arthur Eric Macmorrough Royal Irish Fusilliers
Cummins Harry J 5th Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force)
Cummins Fenton King Connaught Rangers
Cunningham Andrew Grenadlier Guards
Dale Robert Percy Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
Daly Benjamin Royal Field Artillery
Daly Richard George Royal Army Medical Corps
Daly Richard Royal Army Medical Corps
Davenport Edmund Sharrington Royal Flying Corps
David Sweeney Royal Inniskillig Fusilliers
Dawkins Charles Royal Irish Regiment
Day Maurice Charles 13th Rajiputs (Skekhawati Reg)
De Blaquire MfH Royal Canadian Regiment
Deacon Fredrick Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Deacon D
Deacon F
Deane Denis Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Delmege Jacob Royal Munster Fusilliers
Dennis Jon Henry Royal Navy
Donovan Thomas Royal Fusilliers City of London Reg
Donovan William T Royal Navy
Dorman Edward Crump Royal Munster Fusilliers
Dorman T.R.H Royal Munster Fusilliers
Dorman Thomas Stephen Leurs Royal Navy
Doyle Herbert Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Doyle Richard Canadian Army Service
Duke Thomas Toyal Welsh Fusilliers
Eason Henry Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Edwards William henry Royal Navy
Ellis Edward Charles Gloucester regiment
Fitzpatrick James E Canadian Infantry
Fleeton Robert Theodore Osmund Royal Air Force
Fletcher Arnold Lockhart Royal Leinster Regiment
Fleury Robert Leopold Mc Clintock Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Fleury John Charles New Zealand Regiment
Fleury Hugo V Canadian Infantry (Central ontario Reg)
Foley Richard Henry Royal Inniskillig Fusilliers
Foott Alexander Boyd Royal Army Medical Corps
Forbes Thoms North Royal Munster Fusilliers
Foster Harold Arthur Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Fowle William Meade Royal Engineers
Fowle Louis Richard King Georges Own Ferozepore Sikhs
Fowler William H Canadian infantry (british Columbis Reg)
Fowler Frances Reginald Royal Leinster Regiment
Franks George Despard houshold Calavery and Cal of the line
Full Henry Charles Richard Royal Navy
Full Arthur Middlesex.Reg
Gaine William John Royal Navy 190th Machine Gun Com
Gates Alfred William South Lancashire Regiment
Gibson Harold Royal Army Medical Corps
Ginn Robert Lee Army Service Corps
Gloster Frederick Royal Air Force
Gloster James David Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Good Harry Canadian Div Cyclist Company
Good William Royal Munster Fusilliers
Good James Royal Munster Fusilliers
Goode Charles Royal Munster Fusilliers
Gordon Alexander Weston Royal Irish Fusilliers
Goucher Harry Royal Munster Fusilliers
Goucher Willie Royal Munster Fusilliers
Greadon Charles Royal Navy
Greene Harry Caldwell Royal Munster Fusilliers
Grey George Stewart Royal Field Artillery
Grey George m
Grogan William J Royal Navy
Hall Gerald Percy Highland Light Infantry
Hall David henry Royal Army Medical Corps
Hamill William Manchester regiment
Hancock John Henry Royal Engineers
Harbord George Alfred Lionel Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
Hare HarryVivian Durham light infantry
Hargroves Thomas Royal Irish Regiment
Harkness Charles Henry Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Harold John W Royal Munster Fusilliers
Harrison Frederick Alfred Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Harty James Johnson Royal Army Medical Corps
Harvey John Alan Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Harvison Robert A Royal Munster Fusilliers
Hassall Herbert E Kings Own Royal Rifles
Hawkes John Cornick Royal Army Medical Corps
Hayes Robert Herbert Connaught Rangers
Haynes GeorgeW.N.R Royal Air Force
Heard Robert Henry Warren Irish Guards
Henderson Thomas Tank Corps
Henry Leslie Ball Hamshire Regiment
Hill Alfred Alexander Royal Garrison Artillery
Hobart Fred A Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Hodges Eric Colpoys Royal Irish Regiment
Holland James South Lancashire Regiment
Holmes Robert Royal Navy
Holmes William Bryon Irish Guards
Horgan Denis E Royal Field Artillery
Hornibrook William Royal Munster Fusilliers
Hosford John Royal munster Fusilliers
Hosford George Rtnrdy Canadian Infantry (W.Ontario Rgt)
Howe John Hermann Royal Navy
Howe Thomas Sydney Curzon Royal Flying Corps
Howe James Roche Royal Munster Fusilliers
Howlett Samuel Royal Fusilliers
Hudson -Kinahan Cecil Barton 4th Kings African Rifles
Hudson -Kinahan Daniel Dickson Irish Guards
Humby John AH Motor Transport
Humphreys James Irish Guards
Hutchins Richard Royal munster Fusilliers
Hutchins Thomas Arthur hutchins Australian Imperial Force
Hutchins Thomas Australian Imperial Force
Ingle Philip Tempest Manchester regiment
Jago Richard Royal Navy
Jagoe Alfred Royal Navy
Jeffers Percival Thomson Edward Royal Naval Reserve
Jennings George Australian Imperial Force
Jessop Reginald
Johnstone Robert Royal Navy
Jones Francis George Royal inniskilling Fusillers
Jones Arthur T Royal Navy
Keyrns Thomas Booth Royal horse and Field Artillery
Kubler Charles G Connaught Rangers
Leader Francis William Mowbray Cannaught Rangers
Leary John Private
Leslie Robert James Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
Levis James henry Bruce Royal Irish Rifles
Lewis Stephen henry Connaught Rangers
Longfield John Percival Norfolk regiment
Longfield Charles Edmund Royal Munster Fusilliers
Lovekin William James Royal Army Medical Corps
Lowrey Charles Royal Berkshire Regiment
Lucas Albert John Irish Guards
Lucas Percival LC Royal Sussex Regiment
Lucas Reginald Guy Canadians (West Ontarios)
Ludgate Charles London Regiment
Ludgate Joseph Royal Irish Regiment
Lynch Robert Royal Irish Fusilliers
Lynch Joseph M Royal Fusilliers
Ma Grath Henry Charles Royal Fusilleers
Madden William henry Royal Irish Rifles
Manlay James Connaught Rangers
Manley Edward Royal Engineers
Mansergh M Manchester regiment
Mansfield Cecil Royal Munster Fusilliers
Marsh Henry Sidney Royal horse and Field Artillery
Maybury Frank (Francis Joseph) Royal Munster Fusilliers
Mc Carthy Horace Royal Irish Fusilliers
Mc Cartie Percival Hammond Mercantile Marine
Mc Crodden William H Worchestershire Regiment
Mc Daniel Francis VG Royal Munster Fusilliers
Mc Farland George Royal irish Riffles
Mc Farland James Machine Gun Cors
Mc Intosh John Irish Guards
Mc Kitterick William Northumberland Fusilliers
Mc Mullen Edmund East Africa Protectorate Force
Mc Mullen Alfred Robinson Royal Navy
Mc Nally Edward Joseph Army Service Corps
Mc Neely William J Canadian Field Artillery
Mercer Robert Mercantile Marien
Michael Albert F Grenadier Guards
Miller Henry Royal Navy
Montgomery Edward Henry Royal horse and Field Artillery
Moore Victor Cuthbert Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Moore George Adams Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Moore David Arnott Cutbert Royal Garrisson Artillery
Morris Henry Benner Auckland Regiment N.Z.E.F
Murphy William Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Murphy Thomas Royal Irish Regiment
Murphy Thomas Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Nash Joseph
Nason John William Washington Royal Flying Corps
Nealon Cedric Dunnell Royal Irish Regiment
Neil Albert Royal Garrison Artillery
Neil William Mercantile Marine
Nesbitt James Bowden Black Watch
Newland John henry Royal Garrison Artillery
Newman Michael Royal Naval Reserve
Newman John Robert Royal Irish Fusilliers
Newman  Henry Royal Naval Reserve
Nicholas  Walter H Somerset Light Infantry
Nicholas Thomas H. Irish Guards
Nicholas John Royal Dublin fusilliers
Nugent Richard Royal Field Artillery
O Donovan Miles Henry Royal Munster Fusilliesr
O Hara Henry Desmond Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Oakley Frederick William Royal Irish Regiment
Oliver Richard Edward Cheswick Royal Engineers
Pakenham Robert Edward Michael Royal Munster Fussilliers
Parker James Alexander Royal Irish Rifles
Pattison John S Royal Engineers
Paul Cedric, Franklin Royal Sussex Regiment
Payne William Joseph Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consorts Own)
Penny James C Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Penrose Fitzgerald Royal West Surrey Regiment
Penrose Claude Quayle Lewis Royal Garrisson Artillery
Penrose Fitzgerald Herbert James Cooper Royal Irish Fusilliers
Penrose Welstad Samuel Richard Royal Air Force
Perner Hargrave Carroll Lumley Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Perrott Victor Henry Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Perrott Henry R Royal Munster Fusilliers
Phillips Walter Royal Inniskilling  Fusilliers
Pickering John Cecil Royal Fusilliers
Pike Robert Maxwell Royal Flying Corps
Ponsonby Hon Cyril Myles Brabazor Grenadier Guards
Powell William Uniacke Perry Royal Flying Corps
Pratt James A Kings royal Rifle Corps
Pring Leonard Fred Manchester regiment
Pullar James Y Royal Munster Fusilliers
Pulvertaft William Gordon Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Quarry Herbert Royal horse and Field Artillery
Reeves Victor Charles Methuen Household Calvary and Cal of the line
Regan William Royal Irish Fusilers
Regan Thomas Royal Irish Fusilliers
Reid Robert Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Reg)
Richards WHP Royal Navy
Roberts Ivon L’esterre Royal horse and Field Artillery
Roberts Thomas Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Roberts Rea Nobble William Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Rgt)
Robinson Richard AW Royal Navy
Robinson John James horsley Border Regiment
Roche Thomas Duke of Edinburghs(Wiltshire Regiment)
Ronayne James Andrew Royal Munster Fusilliers
Rowe Joseph Jonathan Royal Navy
Ruby Joseph Bennett Royal Garrisson Artillery
Russell  Thomas Kings African Rifles
Ryder Charles G Royal Navy
Rye John R.t Royal Army Medical Corps
Sargent John Canadian Infantry(Novia Scotia Rgt)
Sarsfield Willam Stopford Connaught Rangers
Saunders Alvin Augustus East Lancashire Regiment
Sealy King Charles Royal Munster Fusillers
Semple Thomas hubert Galbraith Royal Berkshire Regiment
Semple Frank M Royal Air force
Shannon Henry Royal Army Medical Corps
Shee Henry j Royal Navy Reserve
Sikes Albert John Royal Marine Light Infantry
Sikes Richard Herbert Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Skuce George Albert Royal Munster Fusilliers
Skuce William Royal Munster Fusilliers
Smart Henry Eyre Linde Australian Imperial Force
Smith Godfrey David Fleming Royal horse and Field Artillery
Smith Lionel Dancer Canadian Infantry(Saskatchewan Rgt)
Smyth John Hawkins Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
Smyth Richard Australian Imperial Force
Stavely George Hendley Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Stenning Fredrick Royal munster Fusilliers
Stoker Edward Alexander Morris Royal Irish Regiment
Stoker Victor Carmichael Royal Irish Regiment
Stopford Fredick Duncan Hamshire Regiment
Stringer Henry Francis Godfrey Royal Garrison Artillery
Sutton Robert W
Swanton Richard John Dorsetshire Regiment
Sweeney William Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Sweetnam Stephen John Royal Irish Fusilliers
Swifte Albert Royal Irish Regiment
Thomycroft Edward Gerald Mytton Royal lancaster Regiment
Thomycroft John Ralph Myton Royal West Surry Regiment
Topp Richard William Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
Townsend John W.E Royal Navy
Townsend GJ 66th Punjabis
Townsend Richard Henry Denny Royal Navy
Townsend Arthur Fitzhenry Queens Own (Royal West Kent RGT)
Travers Hamilton Henry South Wales Borderers
Travers Spencer robert Valentine Royal Munster Fusilliers
Travers Hugh Eaton Fusilliers Lancashire Fusilliers
Trinder Samuel Levis Royal Irish Fusilliers
Turner Percy Royal Munster Fusilliers
Tweedy Cecil Mahon Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Usborne Neville Florian Royal Navy Air Service
Wagnar Thomas Patrick Kings Royal Rifle Corps
Walker James Mansergh Royal Navy
Walpole William Royal Susex Regiment
Wamer Henry Royal Navy
Ward Bertram Edmund Middlesex.Reg
Ward Victor Harold Royal horse and Field Artillery
Warren Robert Royal Horse and Field Artillery
Waters George Alexander Royal Navy
Waugh Henry George East Lancashire Regiment
Waugh John George Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
West Cornelius Royal Dublin Fusilliers
West James Staford Royal Garrison Artillery
Wharton Harold Royal navy
White Hans T.F Royal Navy
Williams Samuel North Stradforshire Regiment
Williamson Robert Royal Dublin Fusilliers
Williamson Edward Benjamin Bickford Connaught Rangers
Wilson VA ST John Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Reg)
Wilson John C Burkitt Kings royal Rifle Corps
Wilson Arthur Dominic Royal Munster Fusilliers
Wilson Henry Geoffrey Charteris Canadian Infantry (Quebec Reg)
Wilson William Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
Wilson Albert Wesley Australian Imperial Force
Wilson Andrew N.E Royal Munster Fusilliers
Woodbridge William Alfred Gardiner Royal Engineers
Wright Hugh Stafford northcole 8th Gurka Rifles
Wright F Wilford Army Service Corps
Wright Henry Thomas Richard Manchester regiment
Wright Michael Canadian Infantry (Maniloba Rgt)
Yorke Lionel Dancer Royal Garrison Artillery
Young George Edward Savill Irish Guards
Young Richard Royal Munster fusilliers


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