SFB 150 ~ Resources

Google Slides Pages for Teachers and Group Leaders

Mrs Jacqui Wilkinson has prepared a set of Google Slides for use by teachers and group leaders.

They are available here:

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral resource slides

A selection of individual pages for ease of printing


In a classroom or group setting it may be useful to be able to print ages individually for copying or distribution.

The following is a selection of those pages

A School Assembly


Mrs Jacqui Wilkinson has also prepared a school assembly for use with these materials.

It may be downloaded below

St Fin Barre’s Assembly

Other interesting resources


You can read The Annals of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral by Dr Richard Caulfield online HERE



You may wish to have access for teaching, classroom and group work purposes only to the following photographs.  They are copyright and may not be printed, reproduced or circulated in any manner whatsoever without the consent of the copyright holder.


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